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 Easy Spanish

Easy Spanish

 If you want to study Spanish in a different way ─  one that is ─  entertaining ─ dynamic, and

effective ─  then. Easy Spanish is the place  ─  to go. 

 You will learn and improve your level of Spanish with explanations and  interactive exercises.

                                                               Easy Spanish

                                                             i Make it happen!

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About Us?

Professional  from Venezuela, now living in the United States,  created Easy Spanish ─  a complete program of study that provides a unique, dynamic and entertaining learning experience. We are specialists in communication, marketing, and radio with more than 10 years of experience in multiple areas. We are the creators of "Easy Spanish," a complete program to study Spanish in a unique, dynamic, and entertaining style.

Leveraging more that ten years of specialized experience in communications, marketing and radio, the creators of  Easy Spanish have also introduced a Podcast. With new episodes each week, students can practice pronunciation, gain increased comprehension, and expand vocabulary through the discussion and examination of current and interesting topics.

                                      If you want to study Spanish and have fun too, Easy Spanish is the place to go.

Easy Spanish: Service

Why is it important to learn another language?

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In today's increasingly interdependent world, speaking a second language is an essential skill that gives you the ability to communicate and connect with people around the world in a faster and more meaningful way.

Connections are now more important than ever, considering the continued globalization of the world economy, and knowing a foreign language will always give you a significant advantage.

Being bilingual has tangible benefits: it can improve your brain function and memory, boost your creativity and self-esteem, help you with career opportunities, and increase your understanding of the language you already speak.

Why learn Spanish?

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Top 5 reasons to learn and speak Spanish fluently in the USA.


Learning another language is a great way to connect.

Here are some reasons why native English speakers should learn Spanish.

  • The Second Most Spoken Language In The World

  • Language of International Organizations

  • It Will Unlock A World You Could Only Dream Of Before

  • You Will Enjoy Movies, Read Books And Discover All The Culture Behind

  • Job Opportunities

We Offer

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As you can see, the benefits and reasons to learn Spanish are abundant!   

At Easy Spanish by Duq we want to accompany you and help you achieve your Spanish learning goals.

Our program is designed for people with an intermediate and advanced level of Spanish. We want to help them develop language skills: listening, speaking, and reading.

Easy Spanish Is a Complete Study Program.

It is the favorite place for many to learn Spanish because it offers everything you need to speak Spanish fluently.

Here you can find Podcasts and the transcripts of each episode so that you can read and listen at the same time.

A Blog with varied and interesting topics to practice reading and comprehension.


Reading and Conversations Club to complete your Spanish practice.


What Sets Us Apart from Other Programs?

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We teach the Spanish language in a different way. Emphasis is on varied, interesting content, and  general culture.

Our content is not boring; you will learn and practice with real communication in100%  Spanish. 

We apply a methodology based on practice and interaction.

​Podcasts demostrated good pronunciation, intonation and diction, for easy listening comprehension and fluency. 

We offer a variety of topics in our Podcast:

  • Those dedicated to children. Stories that can help teach children moral values ​​like honesty, diligence, compassion, modesty and respect for others in a fun way.

  • Those dedicated to the United States. To learn about its history, culture, traditions, famous people, curiosities and much more.



The best way to learn to speak is to practice.

Our talks are specially designed for those who already have an advanced level of Spanish and wish to continue learning. These sessions provide an opportunity for students to deepen and improve their  knowledge of the Spanish language. Many professionals eager to improve their communication skills benefit from the conversation component offered by Easy Spanish. 

We offer two talks, select the one that best suits your needs. We guarantee the best experience.

We are comitted to serving  your needs and your individual and collective interests. Simply contact us and indicate your interests, and we will prepare a specialized class just for you!

Constant practice is the secret to master the language.

Staying motivated and excited about the process of learning a new language is the key to success

Easy Spanish Reading Club

Our Reading Club is a group who read a book at the same time. Each one does it at home, but once a week, on a fixed  day and time, the group meets to discuss the advanced pages from the previous meeting. In the meetings the readings and the impact they have had on each reader are discussed. The group explores: themes, style, action, characters and, of course, feelings or reflections evoked by the text. It is also quite common to derive from the book personal experiences of club members, creating  a real-life based discussion that leads to deeper understanding of the nuances of the language. In each meeting the amount to be read is remembered in the following days, and that piece is the only one that is discussed in the next meeting. Naturally, anyone has the right to exceed that limit, but can not disclose to his colleagues what happens after the marked point. It is one of the agreements that we must fulfill in the club. ( No plot spoiling allowed!)

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Reading Club

" We read with attention, we comment with passion "

Our  Club is a social network of people who enjoy reading books. One of the main benefits of the club

is shared reading.  In each session the chapters of the book read will be discussed, and the group is enriched with new ways of seeing the same story. Shared reading is very motivating. Read out loud. Reading and commeting, reading and thinking about what is read, reading and analyzing, debating, being critical, and above all, enjoying is part of what is done in our reading club.

The objectives of the Easy Spanish reading club are:

Vocabulary increase

Improve understanding

Improve pronunciation

Improve reading skills

Join our club
No events at the moment
Easy Spanish: Events_Multiple
Club de Lectura (1)
Club de Lectura (1)
Oct 18, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
180 Eagleview Blvd, Exton, PA 19341, USA
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How to register?

You may contact us by sending an email to: indicating your interests, then you may  complete a form with your information. After doing so, you will receive an email confirming your registration request automatically. The cost of registration will be indicated in the mail.
Our courses do not require a minimum level of knowledge. When registering, students will be evaluated and assigned the appropriate instructional levels.
This registration applies to our private classes, group classes, talks and reading club.

Contact us
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